About our Agency & Our Experts

Our Agency

Score Precision is a premier digital marketing agency providing very specific solutions to the healthcare industry.  Our focus has allowed us to deliver consistent results while bringing our clients custom solutions. Score Precision is guided by three core principles: Integrity, Transparency, and Collaboration. These core principles are the leading factors for the results we deliver. While it is impossible to guarantee search rankings, at Score Precision we pride ourselves on driving exceptional results and value to our clients.

Our Experts

Our clients expect the best from Score Precision and that’s what we bring to the table. Score Precision has engaged true experts in the digital marketing and SEO industry. Each associate has many years of experience with proven results. Our core principles of Integrity, Transparency, and Collaboration are well embedded in each associate. Engaging with the Score Precision team will ensure your campaigns are carried out with a level of professionalism and expertise unmatched in the industry.

Our Clients

Score Precision has aligned itself as the “go to” digital marketing agency to the healthcare industry. Our positioning creates a huge advantage for our clients. We have studied the patient acquisition phases for many years. Simply put… We know how to get new patients in the door without offering solutions that are not applicable to your needs. Some of our clients have included but are not limited to: allergist, chiropractors, cosmetic surgeons, dentist, dermatologist, family medicine physicians, ophthalmologist, optometrist, orthodontist, and reproductive endocrinologist.

More about the agency

Our methodologies were created with the end-result in mind. Each solution is designed to significantly increase our clients’ businesses.

More about our experts

Our team is made up of true industry experts, that will provide a custom solution engineered to increase your business.